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Canva social media image creation free tool

5 Free Tools for Making Social Media Images

As a marketer, I’ve worked with many designers – great ones – and thoroughly recommend hiring one if your business can afford it.

But a lot of the small businesses I work with, as well as my freelance friends, can’t (yet) stretch the budget to a designer to work on the everyday stuff. With the constant need for fresh images on social media, and new content daily, you need a few brilliant image creation tools up your sleeve.

Marketing professionals are often expected to be able to produce images for social media, websites, print materials and more – and quickly. So here’s a roundup of my favourite free tools you can use for making social media images, including Facebook cover photos, social media profile pictures and Instagram-ready square images.


Seems to be everyone’s favourite image creation tool, and for good reason. Canva allows you to create all sorts of images with not too steep of a learning curve. From a social media perspective, it’s brilliant because it offers templates in the perfect sizes for Facebook and Twitter posts, Pinterest graphics, square Instagram posts and more. There are plenty of free templates to choose from, and you can customise colours, fonts, images and everything else to fit your brand’s style.

Best for: Anything and everything, including print.

Not recommended for: Your quick, basic quote-on-an-image post – it can do them and does them well, but you’ll definitely spend a bit of time scrolling through the templates and playing with all the options.

Top tip: If you’ve found a template you love, use their explore images feature to find others by the same designer.

Canva social media image creation free tool

Pablo (by Buffer)

You’ve probably heard of Buffer, the social media scheduling tool, before. You might not have heard of Pablo, their easy-to-use social media image maker. The basic idea is that you select (or upload) an image, write text to go over the top of it, et voila! It doesn’t have too many design options, making it the perfect tool for a quick Instagram image or for those who find other tools a bit OTT for their needs.

Best for:

Not recommended for: Anything that needs a bit more customisation or has to match your branding

Top tip:


Everyone loves a good motivational quote, and Recite is a fantastic, simple tool for all your social media quote needs. Choose a template, type in your quote and download.

Best for: Motivation Monday, inspirational quotes, customer quotes

Not recommended for: Anything that isn’t a quote… 😉

Top tip: Spend an hour creating a handful of these ready to use as go-to social media content. You’ll thank yourself next Monday…

Social Image Resizer Tool

You’ve already got the perfect image, but is it the perfect size? The excellently named “Internet Marketing Ninjas” can fix that with their tool for resizing images for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more. Just upload, choose your size (the most common social media image sizes are handily labelled) and your resized image is ready to go.

Best for: Optimising images for social media, cropping or changing image format

Not recommended for: any other design elements – add that later using one of the other tools 🙂

Top tip: When you get a batch of new images, resize them all at once ready for social media or web use. Don’t forget to rename them so you’re not scrambling to find the right size later!


If you regularly create content for a blog, Pinterest or PR purposes, Piktochart’s infographic maker is one to bookmark. It has an intuitive editor that allows you to customise colours and text, add images and your logo, and even add chart images by importing data.

Best for: Infographics and charts

Not recommended for:

Top tip: If you regularly make infographics, consider upgrading to the paid plan to use the template library.

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